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'Lent in the Minster' 'Travelling to God . . . with a suitcase'

 Monday 19 Feb, 7.20 for 7.30pm: 'Lent in the Minster' 'Travelling to God . . . with a suitcase' ALSO the following FOUR Mondays -
This year's ecumenical Lent Series, held in the Preston Minster, will explore how we 'Travel to God', what do you have in your suitcase??
Monday 19th Feb: Rev Ed Saville on "a suitcase . . . full of dreams" Monday 26th Feb: Rev John Howard-Norman on "Pilgrimage" Monday 5th March: Fiona Castle (widow of Roy) on De-cluttering (in Central Methodist) Monday 12th March: Anthony Finnerty on "Travelling to God . . . but going nowhere?" Monday 19th March: Bishop Julian on "Travelling to God, with my sins in a suitcase"
. This is the 'Church in Preston' gathering to grow in our faith together, please do all you can you encourage.

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